Sustainable energy for everyone

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By meeting the energy demand of our customers in an entirely sustainable manner, we keep energy available, affordable and clean for current and future generations. Eneco helps its customers to save energy, to generate their own energy and to purchase and exchange sustainable energy. We see the future of energy supply as being sustainable and decentralised, a future in which ‘working together’ plays a crucial role.

The strategy of Eneco Group is based on the vision that the transition on the European energy markets towards Sustainable Decentralised Together has begun and is irreversible. In this energy transition, end users play the lead. Technological developments already make it possible for end users to generate their own energy, but they will also be able to store and exchange this energy with each other in the near future. As a result, the role that energy companies play, will change fundamentally. They will no longer be the driving force in the energy supply, nor will they determine the technologies that are used to generate energy. The energy companies of the future will, more and more, have to act as service suppliers for end users. Our strategy is aimed at providing our customers the necessary service and support during each step of the transition.

Our mission

Sustainable energy for everyone that is our mission. By realising sustainable energy for everyone, we aim to ensure that our customers can count on affordable, reliable and clean energy, now and in the future.

Strategic framework Eneco

Strategic themes

Energy efficiency

Together with our customers, we are lowering energy consumption. Eneco does this by giving customers insight into their energy consumption and by supplying practical products and services such as smart meters, energy-efficient boilers and personal energy saving advice. This does not only have financial and environmental benefits, it is also ultimately sustainable: what you do not use, you do not have to generate. And with more than 2.2 million customers, that makes a difference. For domestic customers, Eneco has developed the attractive and easy to use Toon thermostat, which provides customers insight into their energy consumption any time of the day. This information enables people to save energy through adjustments in their behaviour. Grid operator Stedin has carried out a pilot project concerning the supply of displays and apps for smart meters, which would also provide customers with readily available information about their energy consumption. In addition to detailed information about consumption, Eneco also offers guaranteed reductions in energy consumption, combined with guaranteed comfort, for which Eneco makes the required investments. These so-called ESCO services are available to business customers and housing corporations in the Netherlands. Examples of customers for which Eneco created ESCOs in 2013, in collaboration with various business partners, include exhibition area De Kunsthal and the Van Nellefabriek building, both of which are located in Rotterdam.

Generating energy together

Eneco aims to make the local production of energy accessible and cost-effective together with its customers. Energy that is needed at work and at home. Some of our customers are already producing sustainable energy locally, for their own use and also for others if they produce surplus energy. Instead of paying for energy, they save energy and even earn money from energy. For this local form of energy production, Eneco develops tailor-made solutions together with customers and other partners on the basis of solar panels, wind turbines, biomass installations and heat pumps. In addition, we provide the reliable and future-oriented energy infrastructures that make the exchange of energy as reliable and efficient as possible. In 2013, Stedin completed a steam network that enables industrial companies in the Botlek industrial area to exchange heat in the form of steam.


Eneco gives its customers access to affordable, reliable and clean energy. Customers can, of course, count on excellent customer service. As a result of the rapid technological developments and declining costs, an increasing number of our customers will be able to generate part of their energy requirement themselves. Eneco's aim is that any additional energy that they require will be generated from 100% sustainable sources. At present, all our domestic and SME customers are supplied with 100% green electricity, of which we generate an increasingly large part ourselves. To this end, Eneco invests in wind and solar energy and energy generated from biomass together with customers and partners. In order to realise sufficient growth and spread the risks, we also invest in sustainable energy production in surrounding countries. In the UK, we are investing in wind energy, in France, we are investing primarily in solar energy and in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are focussing on wind and solar energy and energy generated from biomass. In addition, grid operator Stedin is making substantial investments in upgrading our energy distribution networks in the Netherlands to smart grids that enable the reliable and efficient exchange of energy. Major investments by Stedin in 2013 included the networks on the island Goeree Overflakkee and in the municipality Ronde Venen. Other investments related to the installation of defect indicators, network automation and self-healing rid applications at various locations in the Stedin network area.


With over 100 years of experience in the field of energy supply, Eneco has acquired a lot of expertise with respect to the generation, metering, supply and distribution for our customers. However, with the energy transition, our expertise also changes. Our investments in current technologies, such as offshore wind farms, allow us to continue to make an innovative contribution and share knowledge with our partners with the aim to reduce costs as quickly as possible. Technological innovations succeed each other in rapid succession. These innovations also lead to new business models in the energy sector. This requires Eneco to continuously develop its knowledge, understanding, competencies and expertise. Even though our expertise changes, topics such as safety and the reliability of the energy supply continue to be top priorities. There are changes with respect to the imlementation of the safety theme relating to the fact that energy will increasingly be generated locally and, thus, closer to people's living environments. Safety continues to be Eneco's number one priority.


Eneco is outspoken in its vision, has a strong mission and applies a clear sustainability strategy. This makes Eneco a driving force in Europe in the area of sustainable energy. This is underlined by the fact that Eneco is the only energy company in the worldwide network of WWF to have received accreditation as a Climate Saver. Other Climate Saver companies include Coca Cola, Volvo, HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, KPN, SKF, Nike, Sony, Catalyst, Tetrapak, Elopak and Yingli Solar. Eneco’s collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation International in the development of offshore wind energy facilities is also confirmation of its frontrunner position.

We seek the connection at all levels: with customers and suppliers, but also with our shareholders and knowledge institutes. Large projects are often built in collaboration with others, in some cases even with other energy companies. This allows us to spread risks and share knowledge and expertise.

Customer first

Customers are the most important factor in the energy transition. Eneco strives to help its customers to enhance the sustainability of the energy supply. Our role is increasingly shifting towards being a service supplier for our customers. This is why we put customers first, in every aspect of our operations and actions. We aim for satisfied customers who wish to collaborate with Eneco in the process of realising a sustainable, decentralised energy supply. Enthusiastic customers, who wish to invest in sustainable energy for everyone, together with Eneco.

Ambitions and targets

Eneco strives to create a balance between the energy supply and the state of our Planet. This involves more than just greenhouse gasses or CO2. It is also about particle matter emissions, the availability of water, the limited availability of land and the exhaustion of mineral and fossil fuel resources. There are many factors that determine the preservation of the safety and quality of ecosystems and human life on Earth. In view of the growth of the human population to nine billion people and the global growth of the average level of material wealth and the related consumption, such a comprehensive approach to sustainability is not simply desirable but necessary.

In order to further develop this comprehensive approach to sustainability, Eneco started the One Planet Thinking initiative in 2013, in collaboration with Ecofys and with WWF as a sounding board. One Planet Thinking translates the broad definition of sustainability into a framework. Companies can use this framework to gain insight into the impact of their business processes on the planet and to assess to what extent they must make adjustments to the impact they have on each of the dimensions of One Planet Thinking to remain within the boundaries of the resources of one planet. Eneco invites other companies that play a leading role with respect to sustainability in their sector to help with the further development of One Planet Thinking.