Clean and affordable energy

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Eneco ensures that customers always have access to clean, affordable energy that is generated and transported in a safe manner. An increasing number of customers generate part of their own energy. Eneco aims to supply the remainder of their energy demand from 100% sustainable resources.

'Sustainable energy for everyone’ is our mission and conviction and the only way towards a permanently liveable planet. This is confirmed by European objectives for sustainable energy that act as driving forces.

What did we aim to achieve in 2013?

Our objective is to maintain the number of customers who purchase energy at a constant level and to gain support from our customers for our mission. We strive to make a transition from the old energy world to the new sustainable future by reducing CO2 emissions in collaboration with our customers. During the phase in which energy is not yet generated from 100% sustainable resources, we use gas since this is the cleanest fossil fuel. One of our objectives, based on agreements with WWF, was that in 2013 the CO2 emissions of at least 0.5% of the gas supplied to retail customers by Eneco Retail would be compensated for and that 20 percent of the electricity sales would consist of ‘dark green’ electricity. This objective was not negotiable.

Customers must be able to count on the availability of electricity, gas and heating. Our goal for 2013 was to keep the availability of our energy supply at a very high level. The average duration of interruptions of the energy supply was not to exceed 14.5 minutes. This number is the weighted average of the maximum interruption duration for electricity, gas and heating. See the paragraph Network reliability (page #) for further details.

What have we achieved?

  • With an average interruption duration in our networks of 12.2 minutes, we have achieved the objective of a maximum of 14.5 minutes
  • With a 1.4% share of dark green gas in the total retail supply portfolio, we have achieved the objective of a minimum of 0.5%
  • With a 20% share of dark green electricity in the total retail supply portfolio, we have achieved the objective of a minimum of 20% (realisation 2012: 16.1%).

Focus on green energy

In 2013, there was a lot of attention for green energy. How green is green? Where does green electricity come from? How do certificates work? What is clear is that green energy is the future. Our strategy goes far beyond the mere supply of green power. For quite a number of years, Eneco has been investing substantially in sustainable energy sources such as onshore and offshore wind farms and solar and biomass installations. And not just in the Netherlands, but also in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France.

We are already capable of supplying sustainable electricity generated by our own production facilities to 20% of our retail customers and we are working on expanding this percentage. In 2012 and 2013, our investments in this area amounted to respectively 273 and 297 million euros. The amount of sustainable energy that we cannot yet generate ourselves is purchased. A system of certificates, set up and monitored by the Government, guarantees the origin of green energy.

Greenpeace and the Dutch Consumers’ Association have assessed which energy companies have the best scores in the area of sustainability. The assessment not only encompassed the supply of electricity but also the question whether and to what extent energy companies invest in the generation of green electricity. At fourth place in 2013, Eneco had the highest score of all the major energy companies.