Guaranteeing continuity

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In order to realise our ambitions, we apply a consistent strategy that is in balance with the risks we face. The outcome is a financially healthy company. We strive for company-wide support of our strategy from all parties involved. We assume our social responsibility, as is demonstrated by our efforts to create safe working conditions and to reduce CO2 emissions, both in our own business operations and in the production and supply chain.

What did we aim to achieve in 2013?

For our strategy to be successful, it is of the utmost importance that our employees share our vision for the future. Connecting leadership is a key concept in this respect, which we wanted to introduce to our management in different ways.

The individual contribution of employees to the realisation of our mission in their daily work is crucial. We call this Internal Alignment. In 2013, we wanted to maintain and further improve this contribution within Eneco. Furthermore, we wanted to get a better idea of the ways in which Joulz and Stedin employees contribute to our mission of ‘Sustainable energy for everyone’ and their sense of pride with respect to Eneco Group.

In our supply chain, we also seek cooperation to improve sustainability. Our target was that 75% of our purchases (excluding energy) would be purchased from sustainable suppliers.

The basis for continuity of our company continues to be a good balance between risk and return, which is reflected in our stable credit rating (A-) and the return on capital employed.

In 2008, we set ourselves the ambitious target of achieving a 50% reduction of CO2 emissions by Eneco Group in 2013 compared with 2007. However, realisation of this target has become progressively more difficult over the past years in view of the increase in the use of our company cars.

What have we achieved?

  • With a score of 7.5, we met our target (7.4) with respect to employee motivation.
  • The Eneco target for 2013 with respect to Internal Alignment was met. The score for supportive behaviour rose from 57.0 to 60.7.
  • In 2013, 81% of Eneco’s expenditures related to purchases from sustainable suppliers.
  • We have achieved a further reduction of the CO2 footprint of our own business operations. The final result was a 39% reduction of CO2 emissions (2012: 37%) in the areas of housing and mobility compared with 2007. The target that we set at that time, and which had already been revised to 44% at an earlier stage, has not been achieved due to the substantial increase in the use of our car fleet.
  • Credit rating maintained at A- (target: A-).
  • ROACE 4.7% (excluding amortisation on electricity-related fixed assets: 5.5%); target for 2013 was 4.8%.