Capital management

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The primary aim of capital management at Eneco is to maintain good creditworthiness and healthy solvency to support operations and minimise the cost of debt. Eneco regards both capital and net debt as relevant elements of its financing and so of its capital management. Eneco can influence its capital structure by altering the proportions of equity and debt. Net interest-bearing debt (excluding discontinued operations) is defined as long-term and current interest-bearing debt less cash and cash equivalents.

No changes were made to the aims, policy and processes for capital management in 2013 and 2012.

Eneco monitors its capital using the 'Financial Management Framework', which sets out various ratios that have to be regularly monitored by the Board of Management. One of these ratios is equity/total assets. Eneco’s policy is to keep this above 45%. At year-end 2013, it was 49.9% (2012: 50.5%).