Corporate governance

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Eneco complies with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. As Eneco is not listed on the stock exchange, some stipulations are not applicable. In cases where no specific decree applies –see, Eneco applies the relevant best practice criteria are implemented.

Governance roles

Board of Management

The Board of Management is ultimately responsible for the performance of Eneco Group and its subsidiaries (Personal information Board of Management (page xx). The Board of Management is appointed by the Supervisory Board and is accountable to the General Shareholders'' Meeting.

Eneco’s Board of Management consists of four members. See Personal information Board of Management.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Eneco Holding N.V. provides advice to the Board of Management and supervises the policy of the Board of Management and the general performance of Eneco Group and its subsidiaries.

At present, the Supervisory Board of Eneco consists of eight members (see Personal information Supervisory Board) and has appointed three committees:

  • The members of the Remuneration Committee, Kees van Dongen (chairman), Edo van den Assem and Mirjam Sijmons, provide advice with respect to the remuneration of the members of the Board of Management.
  • The members of the Selection and Appointments Committee Klaas de Vries (chairman), Edo van den Assem, Mirjam Sijmons and Kees van Dongen provide advice with respect to the selection and appointment of members of the Board of Management.
  • The members of the Audit Committee, John Lintjer (chairman), Joop Drechsel and Henk Dijkgraaf, monitor the integrity of financial reporting, internal control and risk management. The Audit Committee also supervises the internal and external audit process.


The shares of Eneco Holding N.V. are held by 55 municipalities. Within six months after the closing of the financial year, or more frequently if deemed necessary by the Supervisory Board or Board of Management, Eneco organises a General Shareholders' Meeting. During this annual Meeting, the annual report is discussed and the financial statements are adopted. The General Shareholders' Meeting is also responsible for appointing the members of the Supervisory Board, the remuneration policy and changes to the articles of association. See Shareholders.

Code of Conduct

The conduct and integrity standards that Eneco has published on its website apply to all its employees. Employees in each of the business segments can contact a confidential counsellor to report issues relating to integrity. See Integrity and compliance.